Club Atlantis

Club Atlantis Club Atlantis is located on Fields Avenue, Angeles City, Philippines. We open our doors at 7:00 pm and close at 4:00 am. Club Atlantis is three floors of wall to wall, beautiful girls. There is plenty of seating in our comfortable couches around the club. Come and join us and meet the most beautiful girls and watch the best shows on Fields Avenue.

• Michael Jackson Dance (Friday 2nd set 10.30pm)
• Korean Dance Show (Wednesday 9pm and 10.30pm)
• Black Tape Modelling Show (Tuesday 9pm, 10.30pm and 12pm)
• Samba Dance Shows (Saturday 9pm and 10.30pm)

"Who let the Dogs out?" events calendar:
at Dollhouse Bar on June 29th
at Club Asia on July 6th
at Club Atlantis on July 13th
Doors open at 5pm


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